Saving the camels of Rajasthan

Ushtra Vikas Yojana, the Camel Development Scheme, was announced by the state government on 2 October 2016. 31.5 crore rupees has been allocated for the scheme over four years.

The new plan outlined by Kunji Lal Meena, Secretary, Animal Husbandry, Government of Rajasthan will support camel breeders with a subsidy of INR 10,000 (payable over a period of eighteen months) for each camel calf born, along with other measures which include training centres,  improved access to veterinary treatment and research on camel products.

The camel pastoralists of Rajasthan believe that Shiva created them to be the guardians of the camel. They are the custodians of a long and proud heritage which goes back at least 600 years.

Ushtra Vikas Yogana signals a new approach. To save Rajasthan’s state animal, we need to involve and work with camel keeping communities to combine the best of tradition with technological and institutional innovations.



Camel milk available in India!

LPPS and Camel Charisma are trialling India's first camel milk microdairy project. The milk has proven therapeutic benefits for autism and diabetes. Read more about our latest venture here


Ranakpur Camel Lodge

LPPS and Camel Charisma are now welcoming guests at a new community eco-tourism venture, the Ranakpur Camel Lodge, offering homestay accommodation with a difference at the LPPS Camel Conservation Centre near the famous Ranakpur Jain temples, Rajasthan.