Marwar Camel Culture Festival,
3rd - 5th November, 2017

A celebration of Rajasthan's unique camel culture

Under the patronage of H.H. Maharajah Gaj Singhji II of Marwar-Jodhpur

The Marwar Camel Culture Festival brings local communities and visitors together in a celebration of Rajasthan's camel heritage, for three days of traditional arts, crafts, workshops and festival fun. 

to celebrate and meet

the Raika and other camel breeders from all over Rajasthan

Artisans and craftspeople traditionally using camel raw materials or motives

People from all over India and abroad interested in culture and animals

Social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and investors willing to support camel related ventures (dairy, wool, eco-tourism, poo paper)


There will be music and dance performances, craft demonstrations and a chance to try your hand at spinning wool and making camel milk cheese. 

You can buy local crafts and camel products direct from the makers, meet members of the camel keeping communities and learn about their unique heritage culture and way of life. 



Join us in a unique setting at the edge of the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, in the core area of the Godwar Raika belt, and close to the famous Ranakpur Jain temples

provides a forum for debate on the future of the camel, and forging partnerships and projects to promote the camel.

Kumbhalgarh Fort - as seen from LPPS campus

Kumbhalgarh Fort - as seen from LPPS campus



More Information:


Dates: 3th-5th November, 2017


Where: In and around the Butibagh campus of LPPS, near Ranakpur Sadri, Pali District, Rajasthan



Nearest airports: Udaipur and Jodhpur

Nearest railway station: Falna

Accommodation available in a variety of hotels at Ranakpur (14 km) ranging from simple to absolute luxury

 and at the nearby heritage hotels Ghanerao Castle and Rawla Narlai


What is the Marwar Camel Culture Festival about?


A Culture of Responsibility and Respect for Camels

Meet the Raika and other custodians of a globally unique camel culture who continue to care for camels out of dedication and in a struggle against the odds!

Learning about Camels

Want to be a camel herder for a few hours?  Learn from a traditional healer how to keep camels and other animals healthy? Try your hand at making camel poo paper? Take your photograph in Raika dress? Understand the language of camels and how to communicate with them?

Sign up for workshops and interactions that initiate you into the world of camels and their guardians!  Detailed programme coming soon!


Healthy and innovative Products

Camels provide a plethora of products that are good for your health and well-being ….and support the livelihoods of their keepers.

Come and sample camel milk cheese, luxuriate in camel soap or try out camel woollens, camel dhurries, camel poo paper and much more!

Arts and crafts

Camels have been a traditional motive in Rajasthan’s folk art – paintings, pottery, weaving – as well as in poetry and music.

Admire this vanishing heritage and – if you like – you can purchase it directly from the artists.

Future and Ethics

Saving the camel is not a matter of putting it into zoos or on rescue stations. Instead we must make it part of the landscape and of our lives!

Sit in on debates between camel breeders and policy makers about how we can take the camel into a sustainable future!


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